World's first decentralized lead generation platform


Search Domains

Collect emails along with those emails’ users from a certain domain.

Email Verification

Snovio can check emails’ validity and regular use, screening out abandoned and non-working emails.

Lead Search

Our database is a prototype for a future decentralized database with leads’ contact information and data.

Company Search

To find a specific company’s profile, you only need know its industry, city, and country.

Real numbers

New users every day
Each day this number growth with the increase of the audience coverage!
20k +
Users installed Snovio Chrome Extension
Companys use the service to find necessary leads, and they love it! The curent chrome store ranking is 4.9.
2 500 000+
Quality Leads
The expected growth of the database is more than in 1000 times due to the popularization of the platform and the idea of crowdcollecting.

Try how the product works now

How will snovio work?

Snovio is transforming into a unique decentralized lead sourcing platform, combining SaaS and marketplace models fueled with SNOV tokens, which is fundamental for introducing an innovative approach to lead generation and sourcing.

All transactions on the platform will be conducted via the smart contract, and stored on the blockchain. The smart contract ensures equitable reward distribution and execution of a transaction, especially when it comes to the marketplace.

We will become the first and only place that regulates a price for a lead in a decentralized manner and rewards data suppliers proportionally for their contribution.

Сhallenging the way leadsourcing works

The platform will help to overcome the main challenges to searching for quality leads and valuable assets for businesses.

Finding the required contact data will become much easier and faster. Clients will be able to find even the most specific groups of people according to any complex criteria, the searching for which used to take oceans of time (is it easy to find pizza lovers from Melbourne?).

Another challenge that will be met by Snovio, is the poor quality of leads. Usually, a client sending an email campaign can get up to 40% bounce rate and a large list of nonexistent phone numbers. Snovio will provide the access to the most up-to-date data along with the possibility to check the information for relevancy. It will solve the problem of selling irrelevant contacts.

Snovio will also regulate the price for one lead in a decentralized manner, distribute reward between contributors, and provide transaction transparency.

How will we do this? Go on reading ↓

Mailing service, contact search and marketplace

Components of advanced lead generation


Thousands of data contributors around the world automatically seed and update the database of leads, necessary for every business.


If you haven't found somebody in the database, or need a specific search and simply want to outsource this job, you can place an order and data contributors will build the list of required contact data for SNOV tokens.


Email verifier eliminates invalid email addresses from email lists of our clients with 98.5% accuracy.


You'll save precious time on data transfer to other services, as this module will help you contact the leads, launch email campaign and create email series.





ICO will run from October 31 till November 30.

  • Token sale bonuses:
  • • 1st day + 10% SNOV
  • • 1st week + 5% SNOV
  • Minimum purchase is equivalent to $1 (100 SNOV)

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Snovio tokensale team

Alexis Kratko
CEO & Founder
Has brought the platform from the idea development stage to 100 paying customers and financial sustainability in just 5 months.
Alexander Zhadko
PM, Web Developer
Developer of the algorithm for data collection and search, and the platform’s feature of lead generation based on this data.
Rodion Yaremenko
CTO, Web Developer
Creator of the high-level architecture of Snovio application. Has managed to build a fail-safe system, more than 14 persons are now working on, in several months.
Daria Shevchenko
Coordinates the marketing specialists and guides the web designers.
Yuri Arendar
PHP Developer
Developer of name and domain search, company and prospect extraction, and the possibility of searching through social media.
Dmitriy Shevchenko
Web Developer
Responsible for Snovio plugin operability, technically implements the ideas of the product functionality development. In particular, it is data output to admin panel.
Roman Fisenko
Web Designer
Author of Snovio corporate site, the improvement of which is still ongoing.
Mikhail Iakovlev
PPC Manager
Has achieved the traffic returns in just 3 months.
Valeria Borshch
Strategic Communications Manager
Thanks to the talent to forge relationships with important partners, Snovio is included in competent token sale listings.
Julia Zubok
Marketing & Customer Care
In addition to addressing the issues of users working with Snovio daily, takes part in the project’s email marketing.
Mila Postol
Marketing Specialist
Has grown the Snovio audience to 30,000+ users in 2 months.
Natalie Valerieva
Digital Marketing Expert
Responsible for Snovio-related PR activities. In addition to web analytics, cooperates with digital media, adapting their requirements to the project needs.
Paul Shuteyev
Marketing Ninja
Develops marketing strategy and improves the product. Creator of the English content development and management strategy.
Maryna Nalyvaiko
Speaker and Events Manager
Helps Snovio to participate in top innovation conferences.
Nataly Volokhina
Crowd-marketing warrior
Helps potential users to get an expert answer.
Anastasia Sukhareva
Content-marketing guru
Author of Snovio’s reviews and analytical materials about the ICO on the RunNet's top websites.
Lena Vovchenko
Author of Russian articles about Snovio, cryptocurrencies, blockchain and ICO.
Nastya Roshchinskaya
Translator, author of Snovio’s English articles.

More about Snovio ICO

WhitePaper – read the full information about the project, our development goals and current status.
Download PDF
OnePager – get acquainted with the idea and the project strategy in a short form.
Download PDF

Tokensale information

60% ICO investors
27,8% Team
10% Contributors motivation
1% Advisory Board
1,2% Bounties
Token name: SNOV Pre ICO: 4 Sep 2017 – 30 Oct 2017 Main Token Sale: 31 Oct 2017 – 30 Nov 2017 Tokens issued: 2.5bln tokens Initial price per token: 0.01 USD Total supply: 651,129,644 SNOV

Team tokens are locked for the first 6 months and will be vested over a period of 12 months total.

15% of the team tokens will be relocated to team members in 6 months. 10% of team tokens will be then distributed to team members each month.

Tokens reserved to advisors will be locked for 1 month minimum.

You can buy SNOV here

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May 2017
Project Launch
Snovio platform and Chrome Extension for contact searching
June 2017
Verifying and Updating Data
Launching email address verification function
October 2017
Launch ICO
February 2018
New Level
Database growth to 1,000,000 profiles
February 2018
Find technologies used on websites you visit
March 2018
Launch Proprietary Mailing List Module
Sending triggered email series on updates to contacts within the platform
2018 Q1
Blockchain Marketplace Launch
Platform will connect businesses and Data Research Analysts. Powered by smart contacts and SNOV tokens
2018 Q1
Email tracking
Let users know what happens after email is being sent with live notifications and comprehensive reports
April 2018
Ten-fold Growth!
Growing the lead database to 10,000,000 contacts
April 2018
Keeping our fingers on the pulse!
Function of notifications on updates in the purchased profiles
2018 Q2
Email templates for cold emailing
Best selection of email templates that convert in various niches
2018 Q2
Data Enrichment
Receive a full profile of a person or a company by enriching partial data through API and Snovio app
2018 Q3
Website tracking
Snovio goes beyond emails and tracks how prospects interact with websites
2018 Q3
Form Builder
Engage and convert anonymous website visitors into hot leads.
2018 Q4
Live Chat
Convert prospects to hot leads and get higher conversion rates
2019 Q1
Content AI
Helps prospects make the right decisions by bringing correct and valuable information
2019 Q2
Lead Scoring
Rank leads, attribute correct value to them by tracking their engagement


Alexander Borodich
Moscow, Russia
Alexander Borodich is a pioneer in the fields of innovation and blockchain world and founder of Universa Blockchain, Alexander was named "The Most Active Business angel in Russia" by Russian Venture Company, he is Chiefs Dream Officer and managing partner of marketing communication agency Future Action, founder of fifth largest in Europe crowd-investing platform, founder of Russian cryptocurrency and investor in more than 70 projects.
Renato Almeida
Brasília, Brazil
Advises on the issues related to jurisdiction, legalization and compliance. Former legal advisor of the and projects. Experienced community manager has worked on several blockchain related projects and formerly has engaged in the software development for Brazilian government where held executive positions. Lawyer postgraduated in Public Law and Constitutional Law.
Tomoaki Sato
Tokyo, Japan
Starbase Founder, passionate about bringing blockchain token financial technology for everyone easy to challenge new innovative projects. Pastly, Tomoaki did blockchain tech meetups in Japan in order to make the place to communicate between Japanese engineers and global engineers for more people to know about blockchain technology and the philosophy, "decentralization".
Alexey Girin
New York, USA
Advisor, venture capitalist, founder of Starta Capital fund and the first successful US-based accelerator for Western European projects, successfully conducted an ICO that raised $5 million to finance startups.
Eugene Medvednikov
Saint Petersburg, Russia
Experienced mentor and investor. Eugene helps Snovio with his experience and insight into what it takes to build a successful startup. • Angel investor 10+ investments
• Unisender x30 exit
• Insense
• Cindicator investor
Kairat Kaliyev
New York, USA
Founder of Cross Coin, which successfully conducted Starta’s ICO and attracted $5 million. Currently developing FinTech direction at Astana International Financial Centre, specializing in project development.

Escrow agent

Starta Capital
New York, USA
Escrow agent, guaranteeing Token buyers’ security

Technological partners

Token Rockets
New York, USA
Scales businesses through implementing Blockchain Technology

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